Friday, January 31, 2014

My Story Chapter 1

Tory slowly opened the door of her new home. Her brothers, Shock and Trygger appeared by her side and walked in as well. They all looked around. There were some chairs and beds. It was simple, but the best part was that it was theirs. They had something that belonged to them, and that felt good. While Tory and Shock examined the house, Trygger jumped up and grabbed one of the wooden beams on the ceiling and started swinging like a monkey. Tory smiled. It looked like Trygger liked it here. Just then, Hiccup walked in. "Oh, I forgot to ask you", he said "since we are on a roll with new things, I was wondering if maybe you guys would like to train a dragon" The three of them looked at each other and nodded. That sounded like fun! The next day, Hiccup led them down to the academy. Astrid was there and so was a guy Tory had never seen before. He was tall, with short, black hair. But the thing that stood out most about him was his deep blue eyes. It looked like the ocean. "Hi" His voice jolted Tory out of her thoughts. "Im Carter. You here to train a dragon?", he grinned. Tory just nodded. "Well", he continued, "Hiccup should probably tell you about the different kinds. He is the first dragon trainer after all.", he said, giving Hiccup a teasing grin. "No, you go ahead Carter. You have been a rider long enough", he smiled "Ok", Carter replied with a shrug. He then proceeded to tell the Skyman children about each dragon. Tory smiled. He seemed to know a lot about these dragons. In the end, Trygger ended up picking a yellow Terrible Terror to train, since he was only 11. "Ray", he said smiling, "His name is Ray" Shock picked a blue Nightmare and named it Deathwing. Tory glanced at the dragons once more and decided on a green nadder. "I think im gonna name her Jade", she said. "Nice name", Carter replied smiling. Tory smiled back. The next few days all the free time Tory had she spent training Jade. It was nice to have someone to listen to you- even if that someone couldn't talk back. One morning, Tory decided to explore a beach. She hadn't been on a beach since......She shook Gunnarr out of her thoughts. This was her home now. She saw that Jade was still sleeping and decided not to wake her up. She told her brothers where she was going and headed to find a beach. She found one close to the academy. When she reached the shore, she paused. It reminded her of home. She removed her boots and walked into the water. She closed her eyes and listened...... If she didn't know better, she could have opened her eyes and she would have been back home. A small tear escaped her eye and slid down her cheek.  She missed Gunnarr so much- and her parents. Then, she heard a noise behind her.  She spun around, ready to defend herself if necessary.......

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