Friday, January 17, 2014

My Story... Introduction continued

"Well, thanks for telling me your story", replied Astrid. Tory nodded uncomfortably and looked down. She didn't like to talk about her past- its was too painful. But, when Astrid had asked, she found herself telling her. "Hi Tory". Hiccup's voice broke her out of her thoughts. "Hi Hiccup", she replied. She smiled. Hiccup had been a great friend ever since they arrived on Berk. "Come with me, I have a surprise", he said. "Ok", she responded hesitantly. "Close your eyes", he said. She did and he led her through the village. "Ok", Hiccup announced, " Open".  Tory's eyes flashed open and saw what was in front of her- a brand new home! "What's this?", she asked. Hiccup grinned. "It's for you and your brothers. We decided you needed a place of your own if you were going to stay on Berk. Not that it was a problem that you guys were staying with me and my dad. Its just...."  Tory wrapped her arms around him in a hug. "Thank you", she whispered, "I know what you mean. This is so nice." She removed him from her hug and saw that he was smiling. "So, you like it?" he asked. "I love it", Tory smiled. That meant that Berk was their new home. She had a painful past. But she also had great friends. And she had a feeling that her adventures here were just beginning.....

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